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Oil Portraits by
Artist Procedure

No down payment is required and none will be accepted. Upon acceptance
and delivery of the painting, full payment is required. All work is guaranteed.
If painting is rejected, painting becomes  property of artist and painter-client
relationship is terminated  (This has never happened, by the way).

Fifty to 100 photos are taken of the subject. Photos are then reviewed to
determine which can be used to create a fine oil portrait. A color study of the
subject requires about 15 to 20 minutes of subject's time. The purpose of
the color study is to determine eye, skin and hair color. It is then the artist's
responsibility to create a work of art. An individual's pre-existing photos can
also be used.

To create a fine painting that will be enjoyed for generations -- a painting
that pleases the commissioner and enhances the artist's legacy.

The artist writes the subject's name on the back of the canvas as well as the
commissioner's name. Example: John A Smith, age 8, commissioned by
grandparents, Robert and Mary Jones. Both will be known and remembered