Oil Portraits by
Quotes from Some of Janis' Many Clients

"You're a Master." -Judge Jerry Sheindlin

"With admiration and my thanks for a beautiful portrait." -Judge Judy

"Thank you so much for that wonderful piece of art. You made us very
-Helga and Greg Dowbak

"You not only captured her outer beauty, but also her inner beauty."
-Bill Frye
"Thank you once again for the beautiful work. I will
always hold you dear to us."

"I have never given a tour of Pediatrics without
pointing out the child with her teddy bear. I cannot
imagine how anyone can create a painting which is so
-James R. Nathan, President, Lee Memorial

"A warning was issued that a hurricane was heading
our way. In our car with my wife, daughter, our dog,
some clothes and your painting, we left for Northern
-Dr. Bruce Lipschutz

"We have given about five fund-raising tours of our
home and antique collection. One of the main points of
interest is the wonderful portrait painting you did for
-Don Hurst

"Thank you! Your artistry is wonderful and outstanding.
You are so nice to work with and add to the pleasure
of the painting of our grandchildren."
-Marilyn and Jim

"Enclosed please find a check for the shipping costs of
Dad's portrait. Thank you again so very much for what
will become a treasured heirloom. The likeness of Dad
is remarkable - you were able to capture him so that it
seems he is in the room! I'm sure there will be some
tears when mom opens the box on Christmas... We'll
offer a toast to you and your remarkable talent."
-Patricia Donato

"You certainly add your own beauty to this world!
Thanks so much! The portrait is perfect! God bless you
and God bless America."
-Jean and Ken Assink

"To say we are in total awe is an understatement. The
way you incorporated the stained glass window and
Bible is beyond comprehension. I could go on and on,
however, just please accept our most sincere thanks
and know we will always be grateful to you."
First Congregational United Church of Christ

"I wanted to write to tell you again how much we love
the portrait of Ford. It is exactly what we wanted and
we have gotten so many compliments on it. I find
myself staring at it several times a day! You do such
good work I can't wait until it is time for little brother's
portrait to be done."
-Kathy Holmes

"Thank you again for the wonderful portrait. I
absolutely love it. It is everything I had hoped and
dreamed of. You are so very talented and I appreciate
your willingness to share it with others! I look forward
to calling you in a year or two when Sara Catherine is a
bit older. I hope your summer is pleasant and you find
safe travel."
-Susan Rogers
Self portrait of Janis in Cape Coral, FL.
"Great job Janis! Lots of compliments." -Dan Wolf
"Thank you so much for your participation in the Art Fest Fort Myers. 'Visiting Artist Program.' Without your
help, this program could not have been so successful! We truly appreciate you taking the time and making
the effort to share your special talent with the young artists in our public schools. From the teacher
comments we have received, we know you made a lasting and positive impression on your students. 'Jan's
demonstration was incredible. My students were very interested in the process she used for her portraits
and really enjoyed drawing with charcoal. She did a great job in working with my class and I would love to
have her come again' (Thomas Nagata, Fort Myers Middle School) Thank you for sharing your precious time
and talent. Art Fest Fort Myers REALLY appreciates you!"
-Sharon McAllister, Festival Director

"I am grateful for you and your talents every day when I walk by the beautiful portraits of Kate, Lydia and
Zoe hanging in our living room. They are fabulous! For me, they are a dream come true. Ever since you
painted them as little girls, I have hoped that you would be able to paint them again as young women.
Thank you so much! I feel so fortunate and grateful. The girls are so pleased as well! I only wish you lived
close by me because you are such a delightful person to know."
-Claire Williams

"We have read the article 'The Apostle of Mercy' (A Limited Edition Print) published in The Association of
Marian Helpers Bulletin, Spring 1995 Issue
. From the time of our first viewing of some of your portrait
paintings, we have been convinced that you will continue to receive deserved recognition as one of the
greatest portrait artists of our life span. Janis, your accomplishment in being selected to paint and produce a
lifelike color portrait of Blessed Faustina no doubt has been a very satisfying experience for you, and one
which increase your proud feeling to another higher level. We thank you for sharing your talent with
everyone, and how fortunate are we to have our full length portrait painted by the best, Janis Balabon, our
-Bill and Bee Horner

"Self Portrait is more like a portrait within a portrait. Bespectacled with
the light reflecting from her glasses, Balabon looks straight out from
the canvas. She smiles as if she were having her picture taken. In the
background is her image again. Only she's standing this time. She
turns from her ease, taking a moment from the portrait she is painting,
to look at the observer who's taking in the image. 'It's a broad-
reaching exhibit,' says curator Ron Bishop."
-published in The
News-Press on June 18, 2000, aritcle by Miriam Pereira

"Janis Balabon takes the self-portrait in a new direction, eschewing the
usual 'moody artist in half shadow' in favor of a warmly extroverted
introduction. Balabon's face smiles out at the viewer, as though at a
friend she has been expecting. She appears again in the background working on another portrait (her
husband?) who also offers a friendly smile. It is notable that the scene is her studio - a personal space that
many artists guard jealously - yet Balabon seems to almost extend a welcoming hand right through the
canvas to invite her viewers to come on in. Another commissioned portrait of a young girl shows a nice
handling of surface textures. The girl's skin has the silky feel of children's skin, which contrasts with the
rough concrete of her surroundings and the crisp linen of her dress."
-published in the Islander, the week of
February 2-8, 2001, article by Amy Fleming